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Best Bandwidth Monitor Tools

Have you ever heard about bandwidth monitor? Do you know about bandwidth monitoring tools? This tool is used to monitor the bandwidth in your computer. Do you want to know more about bandwidth monitor? Here we are going to discuss it below.

bandwidth monitor tool

Introduction to Bandwidth Monitor

What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of quota which has been used on your internet connection. You can see whether your quota is still a lot of limited through this tool.

People can monitor and limit the usage of the internet using this tool. It can be used to check the speed of your network activity, such as receiving and sending data through the internet or network connection.

There are some bandwidth monitoring tools which offer you a lot of benefits. There are ISP Monitor, Cucusoft Net Guard, tbbMeter and free meter. Those bandwidth tools also can help us to avoid suspicious network activity, which is not useful.

ISP Monitor

ISP Monitor is a kind of bandwidth which is used to tell you about the speed of your internet. It will show you traffic monitoring through three different graphic forms. ISP Monitor also tells about the percentage of the quota that has been used.

People can check the left and used quota on this feature. People also can check the upstream speed and downstream speed through that feature. It can be set up to remind you about the limit of internet usage. It can help you to disconnect the internet connection.

Net Guard

Net Guard is aimed to monitor the broadband of your computer. It can kill and avoid the arrival of malware which might not be useful for your computer. It is a small window which shows you about the speed of your downloading and uploading.

People can set the limit for a month. You can see whether the limit of your quota is surpassed or not. It has a special feature which can calculate the amount of your internet usage, and it will show you whether it has reached the limit or not. Not only Windows 10, which can use this bandwidth tool, the computer with Windows 8 also can use this bandwidth.


tbbMeter is a meter tool for monitoring the usage of your internet connection. You can see how much quota you spend downloading and uploading the file from the internet. It will report about the usage of internet data each day. It is also used to manage the usage of the internet, so you will not get a much cost that you have to pay.

Free Meter

The other one is Free Meter. It is the simplest monitoring tool that you can find in your own computer. It is a portable monitoring tool which is easy to be used. Its window show and display the graphic about the sending and receiving data, about the access of your internet connection and about the upload and download speed on your computer.


So, there are some kinds of bandwidth tools that you can use to check and monitor your internet connection. It is good to observe the limit of your internet usage through bandwidth monitor tools.

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