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Easy Ways on Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail

Tutorial How to Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail

Configuring Microsoft Outlook is used for Gmail. You are able to configure it for Gmail to gain some benefits. It is used easily and freely to connect to some certain accounts. If you still get confused about how to configure Microsoft Outlook, it is better to apply some following steps.

microsoft outlook for gmail

How Do You Configure Microsoft Outlook for Gmail?

You are able to configure Microsoft Outlook to your Gmail account with the help of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2016. That is easy to do. However, before you do it, you have to manage Gmail account in order that you can download email as POP or set up your folder and email using IMAP. Some steps are needed to apply.

Firstly, enter your account of Gmail. Then, click the icon of Gear on the settings menu. After that, click forwarding icon and POP or IMAP menu on the given link over your inbox.

Then, see the bottom area of POP, you’ll see the download and click it to make a choice of enabling POP for all accepted and received emails starting from now. Fourthly, archive the copy of your Gmail on the box of drop-down in the right side when your message is accessed by POP.

Finally, put a click on Save Changes to configure Outlook for Gmail. Easy and simple to do.

Principles of Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail

Is it easy right to configure Microsoft Outlook for Gmail above? You can apply it practically.

Before applying those ways, you have to understand the principles of configuring Outlook for Gmail. The method is preparing your own Gmail account allows you to download the message of Microsoft Outlook through protocols of POP3. If you want to map folder to access Gmail messages, you can continue configuring ways from 1st step to 3rd step.

As a note, you need to make a choice between two choices of POP and IMAP, but it is banned to select both. A configuring process is automatically done by Microsoft Outlook. After you have finished those ways, you can create your own Microsoft Outlook that is used to configure your official account automatically.

There are some steps to do. From the menu of the file, please choose “Add New Account”. Then, input your identity and password of your email on the occurring dialog box on the screen. Then, click Next. Finally, A configuring process of Microsoft Outlook is taking some minutes to find Gmail setting and configuring your account.

Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail Manually

When you do those ways, make sure that you have selected POP on Gmail setting. After you select it, you can gain an account of POP3. It means that you have chosen IMAP and you will get an account of IMAP on Outlook.

Do you want to configure Outlook manually for Gmail? It is possibly conducted. You have to follow and obey detailed and rather complicated ways starting from the menu of the file and test your Outlook account. There 16 detailed ways on configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail that must be completed.

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