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Preventing Email Harvesting without Difficulty

Have you ever heard about email harvesting? I think some of you will agree with my opinion that spammer will disturb our privacy. Then, do you feel tired and bored to erase spams which are arrived into your email address? Then, if you say yes, you need to follow my article below.

email harvesting

What you need to know about Email Harvesting

Email harvesting is the condition in which people try to collect all of the email address with so many methods. Then, a person who always does email harvesting is called spammer. This activity is aimed to use our email for spam.

Then, people do email harvesting to market their products. They can send a lot of information and much advertising about their product into bulk messages to your email account.

Maybe some of you will ask me a question about how can they get my email address. Then, here I will tell you the effective way about collecting your email address.

People have software of email harvesting. This program automatically records your email address from the famous sites, such as blogs, chat sites and social media, which is so popular and becomes a trend for the youth.

Email Harvesting Methods

What kinds of methods that they do to scrap our email address? They have the easiest method of complex methods to harvest email addresses. The simplest and easiest way is buying the list of email addresses.

People will have no difficulties to make a software in harvesting the email address. They only need to pay to other spammers, and they will get what they want. Then, people can use the software to record the email addresses from the blogs, posts, and any other websites.

Next, they can make a hoax in social media, and they will ensure you that you have to fill in the valid email address. Sometimes, they offer free products which need your email address as your registration.

How to Prevent Email Harvesting?

Are you curious about how to prevent email harvesting? Well, here are some ways that you can do to prevent email harvesting.

You can start to protect your email address on the websites. You can take method by hiding the email address from the site. Then, it is better to have some email ID.

You can log in some websites with different email ID. It will help to protect the damages that might happen to your email ID.

Then, you can also do the mail server monitoring. It will help you to reject the emails from another account. There are also a lot of anti-spam programs which might be useful to solve this problem. It converts all of the email address, which minimizes the risk of email harvesting.

Anti-spam programs are the best method to against spamming. It is so great if you can protect your identity on a public website which eases the spammer in collecting your email addresses.

So, if you want to avoid the risk of email harvesting, you have to reduce the risk of spamming. Then you can use some methods to solve email harvesting problems.

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