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The Function of Hosts File in Windows OS

Have you ever heard about the Hosts File? One feature that you can find in every Windows Operating System, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 10. Do you know what the function of this feature is? Well, there are some aims of using hosts file in windows. We are going to discuss Hosts File, where you can find it and the benefits of using this feature.

hosts file

Introduction to Hosts File in Windows

If you are the one who is familiar with information and technology, I am sure that you know about the Hosts File. You will definitely say that there is a relation between the Hosts File and IP addresses.

Hosts File is a plain text file. It is used for mapping the host-name to IP addresses. Hosts File is used to translate the host-name to IP addresses. It identifies the host on IP. It is used to solve the nodes on your computer.

Actually, the main function of Hosts File is to limit the website or site which cannot be accessed. For example, we use one brand as our internet connection. Then, we always get an advertisement for that brand which might disturb your activity on your computer. You can delete and kill that advertisement using Hosts File.

Hosts File Location in Windows Folder

Where can we find the hosts file? It is an easy way to search and find the Hosts File on your computer. You have to open local disc C then you choose windows. After clicking windows, you need to select system 32 and then drivers and etc. here, you can find all of the Hosts File of your computer.

Despite this function as a mapping to IP addresses, you can lock the host file to avoid the hijacking. You can select on it and make it a read-only.

Hosts File can be used to prevent someone who wants to hijack your file or you can avoid anyone else to change or edit your file. Then, you can also block a site or website using a host file. Sometimes, people use third-party service to block some particular website which might disturb. You have to add the site address that you want to block.

hosts file location

Edit Hosts File

Can we edit the Hosts File? I will say, unfortunately, yes. We can use two methods in editing Hosts File. You can do it manually and using the software.

First, if you want to edit the Hosts File manually, you only need to right-click the Hosts File and choose notepad. After you edit the file, you only need to save the new one.

Second, if you have difficulties in using a manual method, you can use the software. It is called a HostsMan.

There are a lot of tools that you can find in that software. You can edit the file easily. You can block some websites using that software in an easy way. Then, you can also enable and disable the Hosts File in your computer.

For the advantage, people can make backup data for the Hosts File on the right place in the computer. They can use HostsMan to make their hosts file safe. So, it is good to understand more about hosts file in windows.

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