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The Benefits of Microsoft Identity Manager

Do you know about Forefront Identity Manager? Are you familiar with Microsoft Identity Manager? I think some of you are so curious about this internet service. I am sure that most of you have a question about how Microsoft Identity Manager used for and how it works.

microsoft identity manager

Introduction to Microsoft Identity Manager

What is Microsoft Identity Manager? It is a kind of program which is designed to work with Azure Active Directory. It helps you to increase the security of your computer and protect your account.

Microsoft Identity Program is suitable for the Windows 10. You can start to install this program to reach the high security for your computer.

The Advantages of Microsoft Identity Manager

There are some advantages that you can get when you have this program on your computer.

  • First, it can help your computer to minimize the number of username and password to log in. It helps to unify or combine a lot of usernames into one. Then, only the right people can access the data on the computer.
  • Second, it helps to protect and secure the data. It will offer map permission to access the data.
  • Third, it is a flexible program which customizes the connector to your computer systems. It also offers a self-service.
  • Fourth, this is a good communicator. It will remind and tell you about anything which is changed into your account. It will show you’re the detail information about what’s changing on your email, identities and data.

How does Microsoft Identity Manager work?

How does it work? Is it difficult to operate this system? Well, you only need to take the simple ways of operating this system. First, you have to connect the active directory identity to your databases.

Then, you can feel free to exchange the identities of the locations. Third, you can turn on the passwords for the users. Last, you have to connect the Azure Active Directory to synchronize the identities.

How to Install Microsoft Identity Manager?

Where do you can get the Microsoft Identity Manager? If you want to install this program, you need to have a Client Access License which is important for the user who has managed the identity. Then, you also need the Window server license to operate Microsoft Identity Manager 2016.

Then this software also requires cloud services, such as Azure Active Directory Premium and Azure Right Management and Intune. So, you have to buy all of the required software to operate the Microsoft Identity Manager software. You can buy them separately, but it is cheaper if you buy them in a package.

You have to spend around $6 for Azure AD Premium, $6 for Microsoft Intune,$2 for Azure Right Management And $3.50 for Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. Then, you can save 50% cost if you do not buy it separately.

So, there is a brief explanation about the forefront identity manager of Microsoft identity manager. You can learn about the benefits of using that software, how to operate it and about the price of its software. There are a lot of benefits that might help you with the safety of your private computer, office and any other places.

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