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Solving ‘No Internet Connection’ Problem Easily

No Internet Connection – I am sure that some of you ever heard about No Internet Access. No Internet Access always be founded in the taskbar after you upgrade your windows into windows 10. You will be familiar with this problem on your new windows. You can see that there is no internet signal to see on your taskbar. Don’t be too worried about this condition.

no internet connection

Why We Get No Internet Connection?

No Internet access condition can be founded when we want to access the internet. We even don’t realize that there is no internet access on our laptop.

The sign of ‘No Internet Access’ explains that there is limit connectivity, no connectivity or even it is connected, but there is no internet access on it. Well, there are some ways to solve this internet problem.

First, you can select your internet connection. Open the Network and Sharing Center to get the adapter. You have to change the adapter into disable and wait for some minutes and then exchange to enable. It is the easiest way to increase your connectivity. If it doesn’t work, we can move to another method.

Second, changing the IP address would be helpful. You have to click on the Wi-Fi icon and choose to open the network and sharing center. Then, click on the connection bar. Next, you have to choose properties and choose the Internet Protocol version 4, and you have to fill in the IP address on it.

No Internet Connection in Windows 10

How if I have a Windows 10 on my computer/laptop? Well, if you have a computer with Windows 10, you have to open setting and choose Network and Internet.

Here, you can see the status of your connectivity, whether it is connected or not. Then, you can see no internet access on it. You just need to click on the troubleshoot button to fix your connectivity problems.

Windows Network Diagnostics Troubleshooter will be opened, and it will repair your internet connection. Then, you have to wait for a while to see that the network problem configuration has been resolved.

However, how if it doesn’t work on my computer? Well, don’t be too worried. You still have other options to repair and fix your internet connection.

First, you can choose hardware and device troubleshooter. You need to open the control panel and then choose the hardware and sound then configure a device. You have to click on apply repairs automatically.

Then, as a comparison, you can use the network reset feature. If you have a connectivity problem, it will help to reinstall the network connectivity. It can reset the network components and solve the problems of network connection.

Open the settings on your Windows and then choose the network reset and choose the button of reset now. It will reset your computer into the original version. You need to reinstall your programs to run the internet connection.


So, here are some tips that you try to solve your internet connections. You can try the simplest one, and if it doesn’t work, you can try other methods which might be useful for you to avoid no internet connection.

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